Customer Choice Rules

If you want to switch to Tiered prices, here are the rules that apply. These rules also apply if you later want to switch to a different pricing plan.

Filling out the Election Form

Fill out the election form to notify Oakville Hydro that you want to switch. You should have a recent electricity bill on hand when filling out the form, as you will need your electricity account number and the name your account is under.

The information required to complete the election form can be seen to the right (click to enlarge).

Effective Date

A switch Tiered prices can only take effect at the start of a service period. Accounts are generally billed for a 30-day period, and the start and end dates are identified on your electricity bill. You can determine when your next service period will begin by looking at the service period on your last bill.

In the example to the right, the next service period will begin on the latest “Present" date (11/03/2020) for meters starting with "E".

Please make sure that you submit your election form at least five business days before the end of your service period so that we can process your request in time for your next bill.

For example, if your service period begins on November 3, 2020 you can expect that it will last until December 3, 2020. You would need to make sure that Oakville Hydro received your election form by November 26, 2020 to be certain that the change will be effective on your next bill.

If your completed election form is not received in time to process it for your next bill, the change will take affect for the next bill after that.


You will be contacted by Oakville Hydro within 10 business days of receiving your election form.

If your election form can’t be processed you will be provided with the reason why (for instance, if you’re not authorized to make changes to the account, or the account can’t be verified).

If there are no issues with your election form, you will be notified when you can expect the switch to take place to your new pricing plan.