Outage Centre

Current Outages
Are you experiencing a power outage that is not shown on our map? Are you noticing other warning signs that there may be an electrical problem such as:
  - dim, flickering or surging lights
  - breakers that often trip
  - outlets that don't work when a fuse is replaced or breaker is reset?

Call us at 905-825-9400.

Emergency Preparation
Are you prepared for a flood? Would you be ready to cope with lack of water for several days? Do you have safety essentials to assist you during a sustained power outage? Bring prepared means being safe. Click the link below to learn more.

What to do When the Power Goes Out
Not sure what to do when the power goes out?

Click on the button below to learn more and learn more about what to do during an outage, and once power has been restored.





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