Vegetation Management

Trees contribute greatly to the natural beauty of our town. But, if not properly managed, they can create power outages or hazardous situations by touching or even falling on the power lines.  

There are an estimated 18,000 trees (public and private) in the Line Clearing Program that are located near Oakville Hydro's primary and secondary lines, which are maintained on a four-year cycle.

We have contracted the Town of Oakville's Urban Forestry Services to conduct regularly scheduled tree maintenance across Oakville.

The town ensures that trees in each of the four zones of our service area are pruned responsibly on a four-year cycle to ensure safety and maintain the integrity of the natural surroundings.  Starting in 2014, the town began using contract arborists to perform all line clearing work.

If you have concerns about trees or vines growing near power lines, please contact us by calling 905-825-9400 or emailing us at One of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.

2021 Hydro Line Clearing Program - South Central Oakville - Zone 3

As part of the 2021 program, the Town of Oakville and its tree service contractor will perform hydro line clearing in south central Oakville (Zone 3). 

Each year, the town and its tree service contractor perform hydro line clearing on behalf of Oakville Hydro to reduce safety hazards and power outages, while maintaining the health, safety and well-being of the town’s tree canopy. If not properly maintained, trees can create power outages or hazardous situations by touching or even falling on hydro lines. In rare instances, trees growing too close to the hydro line will be removed as a last resort if the arborist cannot balance the clearance standard with acceptable pruning standards.

Trees are pruned on a four-year cycle following the Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) industry standard of providing a minimum three-metre (10-foot) clearance between branches and primary power lines and one metre (three-foot) for secondary lines. Our professional arborist contractors prune trees with these goals in mind:

  • Keep the structural integrity of the tree intact
  • Maintain the health of the tree with well-placed cuts that heal well and minimize sprouting
  • Promote regrowth away from hydro lines through directional pruning
  • Leave branches growing down and away from wires to continue their growth

In some instances, the town must prune privately owned trees if they have grown too close to the hydro line. When hydro lines are located in rear yards, Oakville Hydro has an easement through the property which allows the arborist to access the tree.

Vegetation Management

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Selecting a Tree

For more information on selecting a tree with power lines in mind, please visit this link. 

Maintenance Tips

Learn ways to help maintain your tree on the Town of Oakville website at this link.  



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