Ontario Electricity Rebate

Changes to Your Electricity Bill

Starting November 1, 2019 the Ontario Electricity Rebate started being applied to bills for most residential consumers, farms and many small businesses.

Beginning May 1, 2021, the Ontario Electricity Rebate will provide a 18.9% rebate on electricity charges for eligible customers and will appear on your hydro bill as a single line item.

For more information about electricity rates, visit our webpage at this link.  To learn more about the Ontario Electricity Rebate, visit the Ontario Energy Board website at this link.

What You Need to Know

Residential and Small Business Customers

If you have a residential or small business (general service less than 50 kW) account with Oakville Hydro, you do not need to do anything. You will automatically receive the Ontario Electricity Rebate.

Multi-Unit Complexes and Long-Term Care Facilities

If you are not receiving the Ontario Electricity Rebate and you think that you may be eligible, please read the Notice of Eligibility carefully.

If you are eligible, please complete the Notice of Eligibility and return it to us right away so that you can start receiving the Ontario Electricity Rebate as soon as possible.


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