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Oakville Hydro is Successfully Awarded Support from Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund

(Oakville, ON) May 17, 2018 – Oakville Hydro is pleased to receive support from Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund. The fund’s goal is to support the progressive modernization of Ontario’s electricity distribution grid and Oakville Hydro is proud to bring this initiative to the Town of Oakville.

The Smart Grid Fund supports innovators to develop cutting-edge technologies that will make electricity systems run better and empower customers with more choice and control over their power use, including testing, developing and launching the next generation of technologies, which enhance Ontario’s electricity distribution systems.

Oakville Hydro is investing the funding into two innovative projects: Automating Downtown Oakville’s Grid and Deploying a Unified Data Platform in Oakville.

Automating Downtown Oakville's Grid (Grid Automation)

Oakville Hydro will install an advanced, automatic restoration system on the electrical distribution system in downtown Oakville. This smart grid system automatically reconfigures the grid after a fault and quickly restores service, limiting or eliminating power outages. The automatic restoration system will be integrated with the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) in Oakville Hydro's Control Centre, enhancing operational awareness and grid resiliency.

Deploying a unified data platform in Oakville (Data Analytics)

Oakville Hydro will deploy an innovative 'Digital Utility Platform', a unified data platform that presents information from various utility systems in one view to enable informed decision making. The platform uses SmartMap, an application developed by Utilismart with previous support from Ontario's Smart Grid Fund, to provide an electrical network model leveraging metering and operational data to drive evidence-based engineering planning and analysis.

About Oakville Hydro

Part of the OEC Family of Companies, Oakville Hydro delivers reliable and safe electricity to more than 70,000 individuals, families and businesses in Oakville.  The company maintains an active commitment to conservation, safety, and is strongly invested in the social and economic well-being of the Oakville community.  Oakville Hydro is a two-time past recipient of the Local Distribution Company Performance Excellence Award from the Electricity Distributors Association and a Canada’s Safest Employers Silver Award recipient, recognizing the organization as an exceptional leader in the industry.

For more information, please visit www.oakvillehydro.com, follow us on Twitter @oakvillehydro, or visit us on Facebook.  For information on power interruptions, visit www.oakvilleoutages.ca.


Jeff Mocha
Director - Innovation (OEC)

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