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The Premier's "Jersey of Courage" Comes to Oakville

Oakville, ON (December 18, 2015) – This morning, the “Jersey of Courage” came to Oakville, with safety leaders signing the renowned symbol of safety in the workplace.

“We are thrilled to see our organization take the lead and sign the “Jersey of Courage” and, once again, commit to enhancing the importance of building a safety culture,” said Rob Lister, President and CEO of Oakville Hydro.  “Safety is our top priority and we want to encourage youth to embrace that philosophy.”

Oakville Hydro hosted Rob Ellis, founder of MySafeWork, dignitaries, and safety leaders as Oakville Hydro became the first organization to sign the Premier’s “Jersey of Courage” and add to the thousands of signatures.

“By signing the “Jersey of Courage,” business leaders agree to integrate health and safety into their business strategies, processes and performance measures,” said Kevin Flynn, Ontario's Minister of Labour and MPP for Oakville.  “It is only by engaging the senior leadership that real change can occur and that we can advance toward our goal of eliminating all workplace injuries and fatalities.”

“This important event raises the standard of safety performance in Ontario and saves lives,” said Rob Ellis.  “Encouraging courageous leaders across the Province to sign the “Jersey of Courage” begins with tremendous organizations like Oakville Hydro.  Great leaders inspire other leaders to be courageous and impact the future of our Province and nation.”

“We must make safety the first priority everywhere – the workplace, in business, in the homes and in the communities.  It is imperative we communicate and educate our young people in the schools and help them understand the importance of safety,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

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