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Oakville Hydro Corporation


As a trusted utility, Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc., a subsidiary of Oakville Hydro Corporation, has been providing electricity distribution and asset management for the residents of Oakville for over 106 years. We commit to providing our more than 65,000 residential and business customers with the best energy and conservation solutions. In cooperation with the Ontario Power Authority, conservation programs at Oakville Hydro include opportunities to save on energy FOR HOME and FOR BUSINESS.

Through our pacesetting brands, Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems, El-Con Construction and Sandpiper Energy Solutions, subsidiaries of Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc., we provide customers across southern Ontario with suite metering and meter sealing services, underground utility construction and locating services as well as rental water heater, geo-exchange systems and HVAC solutions. Sandpiper Generation is also an active investor in green renewable electricity generation.

At Oakville Hydro, we are committed to building, managing and operating renewable power generation projects including the Town Hall Solar Project, the Region of Halton Landfill Gas Project and community-based Integrated Energy Systems supported by geo-exchange and district energy technologies.

Rob Lister, CEO
Oakville Hydro Corporation



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